May 21, 2008

What is a friend?

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I wanted to respond to Emily’s post on friends, because her question of what constitutes a friend is one I think about constantly.

In middle school and high school, I felt that to be considered not “weird” or “lame,” you needed to have a strong circle of “friends.”  Although I’ve always been an introvert by nature and taken comfort in my alone time, I felt odd for not having a circle of friends to hang out with after school and on the weekends.  I had friends, but they were all people from different groups, and as they generally traveled with their social cliques, I often felt a little like an outsider, peering into a social sphere where everyone seemed so happy and carefree.

After my first and second summer in college, I found myself within a social sphere and connected with several “friends.”  However, I still felt lonely, sometimes– I felt like these people didn’t really know me, and I wondered how much they really cared about my well being.  As well, spending every day with these people drained me considerably, and I found myself needing to take days off from socializing.

Now, I’ve finally found my balance; a few strong friends, who unfortunately are all away to grad school or busy with undergraduate schoolwork, a boyfriend, who occupies my weekends, and my family on Fridays.  It’s just enough to keep me sane most of the time.  I won’t lie; there are times I still long for a social group of 5 or 6 fabulous friends.  But, then again, I like the range of my friends– from African Diva to Exercise-Addicted Just Chill Accountant.  I may not have a clique of close-knit friends, but these people care about me and I care about them, and that’s all that I ask for.

May 19, 2008

English nerd attack!

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My dear readers,

I’ve been researching library science programs again.  Today I discovered Simmons, which I have simply fallen in love with.  I can get a dual master’s degree in library sciences for children AND children’s literature.  My heart began to pitter patter at the thought of such a program.

My heart really began to pound, however, when I saw who I believe to be the head of the program– Amy Pattee.  At first, her name sounded very familiar, and I finally realized why– I extensively used her article on Gossip Girl in my Gossip Girl paper in the fall!  I loved that article.  It was a great article.

And since I had a burning question to ask (the dual majors require 57 credits, and I wanted to find out if it’s feasible to complete that course load in two years) I emailed her, and, like a true English nerd, noted that her article on Gossip Girl had proved invaluable to me.

Even though it’s in Boston, I’m already in love.

May 7, 2008

spring is a wonderful season

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On campus, we have a giant sign where, before and during graduation, every graduate’s name shows up in big letters. Families often wait for an hour or two for their graduate’s name to show up. Anyway, the last three times I’ve passed by, I’ve seen the names of people I know. It’s weird– I really do know a lot of people on campus.

Well, I’m done with the semester, and it feels fantastic! I’m still acting like a workaholic (I’ve needed to get housing coordinator stuff organized before training next week), but it still feels so good to be done.

Today I went to Target and purchased a cheap digital watch and cheap earphones. And then I began my summer running program. I ran/walked several times around French Island (let me tell you– it’s tinier than I realized) and survived. My right heel, though, suffered– I rubbed it so raw that I got blood on my sock AND sneaker. I guess it’s time to throw those sneakers away, eh? Perhaps my purple ones will be OK (or perhaps this means I need to buy new sneakers). It really felt good, though, although I got a bit sidecrampy in the middle. Need to learn how to avoid that annoying pain.

Other than that.. things are peachy. STILL do not know if my lease is taken yet.. believe me, it’s driving me a little crazy. I will feel so much richer this summer if this apartment isn’t something I have to pay for.

Let me just end with this photo. I took it in the campus ornamental garden, which is a favorite location of mine:

May 1, 2008

Let the good times roll

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Hello, readers.  I’m currently at the library, editing my composition paper.  I regularly have classes with a classmate, Amanda (it’s amazing how essentially the same people are in all of my classes.  There are many people in our small department that I have yet to even meet), and so we edit each other’s papers.  It’s wonderful– less scary then getting comments from a professor, but almost as effective for catching theoretical and grammatical errors.

I’d like to announce that all of my rough drafts are complete!  Two papers clock in at 25 pages and the third at 23, although I suspect with revision all will grow a bit.  I cannot believe i have written 73 pages in the past 5 weeks (81, in actuality, because I deleted eight pages of one draft.)  Just think– those 81 pages could have been a novel!  Maybe this means I should begin a novel this summer that will most likely never be published, but be one of many I’ll write until maybe, just maybe, I’ll produce something acceptable enough to hit the bookstores.

All that remain are revisions, and since my composition paper and eugenics paper are pretty much ready to go anyway, all I have left is.. transgressions.  Folks, if i really kicked it into gear tonight and tomorrow, I could be done by late tomorrow afternoon!

..of course, I probably won’t do this.  I have meetings and work from Monday to Wednesday, so I’ll probably do some Summer Housing Coordinator things, then come back to the drafts on Sunday.  But we’ll see.  It would be amazing to be done a week in advance.

What else.. yesterday was excellent.  Acadia was nearly empty, and Joel and I almost had Sand Beach to ourselves, which is a rarity.  We also played mini-golf, and I won a free game!  Hooray!

When I got home, I discovered that I had also won a drawing for some YA novel and will be receiving it in the mail.  How nifty is THAT?

So, all in all, the last 48 hours have been lovely.  I’m starting to relax and am looking forward to reading many, many YA novels before I must hunker down and begin reading for the comps.  Let’s hope this lasts; I must present my composition paper tonight.  I am luckily last, and if things are the same as always, I’ll probably have very little time in which to present.  I hope Harvey doesn’t catch any glaring errors in my paper and make them obvious and salient in class!  Wish me luck!

April 30, 2008

7 am feels very early.

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Today is Maine Day, the day that most undergrads get drunk all day.  That’s not my style, so I’m, for the first year, skipping all the festivities and heading to Bar Harbor with Joel.

In reality, I need to do this; it’s amazing how insane I get at the end of the year.  I went out last night with a few grad students from my transgressions class, and one point I couldn’t shut up about my final papers even though I only have about 4 more pages to write of one paper.  I suddenly realized from one guy’s expression that I may have seemed like I was hyperventilating.  In short, I can be ridiculous at times.  We all had a good time though, making fun of professors, sharing stories, and just relaxing.  I’m sad I haven’t really gotten to know these people all year, but I’ll be sharing offices with them next year, and I hear the offices are a great place to socialize.  Nifty!

I just need to relax.. and that is what I’ll do today.  Just think- 1 1/2 weeks and the semester will be over!

April 26, 2008

Two papers down, 1/3 of one paper left to go!

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As of 2:40, I am finished with the rough draft of my composition paper.  It clocked in at 21 pages, certainly a respectable page count.  I’m currently halfway through my first edit (which is not to say much; I need to insert a couple of articles on power structures in the classroom toward its close), but I refuse to do any more work on the paper for today; it can wait until tomorrow.

Current page totals:

  • Transgressions: 25/20-25
  • Composition: 21/15-20
  • Eugenics: 14/20-25

How beautiful is that?  And I still have two more full weeks.  All I need to do for reading in these coming weeks is two or three more articles and a stupid annotation.

In short, I’m way ahead and I am loving it very much.  All this extra time will let me polish up my transgressions paper (it will probably need a lot of extra polish, because right now it’s quite jumbled and confused) and relax.

All that early work was certainly worth it, my friends.

To conclude my day, I’m going to do some of those short readings and then meet up at Applebee’s for Nate’s birthday.  The person who may be taking my room for the summer should be there; I am considering asking her if she’s going to take my room, because I need a straight answer, and fast, because I’m hoping to only have to pay half of my rent for May.  Cross your fingers for me!

April 25, 2008

Why life is good

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Let me write the reasons why life is good right now:

1. I’m currently energized after spending the week with Tony, which was welcome seeing that we generally only see each other during the weekend.  Stupid long distance relationships.  It works because I get so much more work done during the week, but it’s always good to see him for more than two days at a time.

2. I’ve written 8 pages of my composition paper in the last two days.  I’m thinking that I’ll be finishing my rough rough draft tomorrow, and by mid Sunday finished inserting Important Quotes by Important People other than David Bartholomae and Peter Elbow.  It’ll be fun to present to the class next Thursday.

3. I’m actually reading for fun right now!  Currently I’m reading Feed by M. T. Anderson.  In the novel all of the characters have feeds which are constantly broadcasting information about items they may like, sales at stores, music, opinions, tv shows, and allows them to chat with one another in a telepathic fashion.  It’s pretty interesting, and is essentially exploring how our society “trains” us how to think about the world around us.  Quite perceptive for a YA novel, I must say.

4. I’m done with homework for the rest of the day.  If I feel like I may spend more time on my composition paper, but I don’t have to.  And that’s awesome.

5. My roommate, Nate, is 22 today!

6. I’m participating in a psychology study next week that has to do with first impressions.  I get a whole five dollars for 45 minutes of my time!  I’m quite excited, since I’ve only participated in one other psych experiment before, even though I have a minor in psychology.

7. I’m heading out to buy ice cream for me and my brother, then heading home for dinner.  Hope everyone else is having a lovely day!

April 24, 2008

Can we all agree that “you are the cheese to my macaroni” is just the lamest quote ever?

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I intended to write in this journal daily, but alas, that has not happened. I think this will become a couple times a week blog, which you will all have to accept.

Since Tony has been here, I’ve been spending my mornings doing work, writing my composition paper, and my afternoons playing in the sun. Yesterday was a record 77 degrees, which is incredibly strange for Maine in April. We went for a two mile walk through the Orono Bog and Tony took photos of downed trees, claiming that he would make a fortune off of his collection. There were a lot of downed trees. My boyfriend is such a dork.

I also passed in a rough draft of my transgressions paper to Dave, which I don’t like much anymore, and I fear he will tear it apart, but hopefully it will not need much more work. Please, writing/academic gods, I just want a good grade on that paper!

Today, Tony has left me and Burt (my fishy that has been living at Tony’s, but is now my responsibility), and so I’m writing my composition paper in bed. I’m nervous that the first 5-6 pages of the main body of my paper is solely a literature review, but hopefully enough analysis will follow so that it’ll be a solid paper and will end around 15-17 pages.

Amazing how 15-17 pages seems so short these days. I held my transgressions paper last night and it felt so thick and heavy! It was 27 pages.

In short, I plan to eat chocolate and lay in bed and write my composition paper while listening to the construction workers work on the trestle behind my apartment. One of them bent over and I saw a plumber’s crack. It was too funny. Poor guy.

Ok, no more procrastination will be allowed! Time to begin the ANALYSIS.

April 20, 2008

Adventures of a poor beleagured Grad Student

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Forgive me for not posting much as of late; as of Friday, Tony has been on April vacation and I have been entertaining him. It’s proved to be a wonderful break for me, and I don’t regret the time I haven’t spent writing.

But I’ll be honest– I really haven’t done much since Thursday afternoon. It was gorgeous outside, so I met up with Tracy in downtown Bangor at a wonderful cafe I’ve just discovered, JB Parker’s Cafe. It’s delicious, beautiful, and has tables outside on the sidewalk. We lounged outside, and I throughly loved the feeling of sun on my skin.

I spent Friday downtown again, but with Tony. After, we set up the trampoline at my house and I did a few flips, which was lovely– it helps to quench my diving thirst.

On Saturday we went to Camden, a wonderful coastal town. Lots of quirky stores and bookshops, and beautiful ocean scenery. We found a tiny used bookshop by the name of Stone Soup that had a wonderful selection for fairly cheap. There were books piled in the windows and on the floor up to my waist. A book-lover’s dream, for sure.

Later, I attempted to make Chicken soup, but it came out rather watery and the vegetables not entirely cooked through. Alas, next time I will get it right.

As for today, I’m being Productive– finishing the first part of my eugenics paper, then moving on to begin and finish my composition paper. Since at least a rough, presentable draft of it needs to be completed in 2 weeks, I might as well let my eugenics paper be for a week or two, since my professor will be commenting on what I currently have. Gulp.

April 17, 2008

Goal #1 for the summer

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One of my goals this summer is to finally get into shape. I’m not really interested in losing weight– I’m perfectly happy with my current weight, which makes me lucky, I suppose– but I want to be able to run miles and ENJOY it! I also want to maintain my flexibility with pilates, which I think is beginning to fade away, but not that much.

Tony should be joining me in my exercising, and he’ll be living with me, so he won’t escape my harping, muwahaha.

And now that I’ve typed it out, I can’t not do this goal. So I declare, once I’m done with schoolwork this semester, I will get off my butt and get in shape!

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